Connecting Portfolio Manager to Fort Collins

In order for Fort Collins Utilities to be able to push building usage data into your Portfolio Manager account, you need to first request to connect to the Fort Collins web service app in Portfolio Manager.

Click here to load the Fort Collins Web Services page (you may be asked to log in to your Portfolio Manager account first)

Find the connection status at the top of the page. It will say "Not Connected", "Connection Pending", or "Connected".

"Not Connected"

"Connection Pending"


If "Not Connected", proceed to Step 3.

If "Connection Pending" or "Connected", you're done! Return to login to your benchmarking dashboard

Click "Send Fort Collins Utilities Web Services a connection request". If asked, click "Continue".

Agree to the terms and click Send Connection Request.

Your connection to Fort Collins Web Service has been started. Return to your benchmarking dashboard to complete the connection.

Login to your benchmarking dashboard and type in your organization name to finalize the connection.

Share properties and meters

Once you have established the Portfolio Manager connection, you will be able to share properties and meters with the benchmarking dashboard

Click here to log in to your Portfolio Manager account homepage

Log in to your Portfolio Manager account, then click the "Sharing" tab.

Click "Share (or Edit Access to) a Property".

Select which Properties you'd like to share in the first dropdown. The options are one, multiple, or all. If you select one or multiple, select the specific Properties. Next, select "Fort Collins Utilities Web Services" as the service for which you'd like to share access. Finally, select "Personalized Sharing & Exchange Data" and click Continue.

Select the toggle in the "Exchange Data" column for each Property. This will bring up a pop-up where you can set the individual permissions for that Property (see next step).

In the pop-up, select "Read Only Access" for your property information and "Full Access" for any energy and water meters that represent whole building usage. All the other permissions are not needed and can be set to None or No. If you don't have a energy or water meter that respresents whole building, cancel this process and go back to your property and add energy and/or water meters that represent whole building usage. When you're done selecting permissions, click "Apply Selections & Authorize Exchange".

The pop-up should disappear, and the Exchange Data toggle for that Property should now be filled in with and "Edit" beside it. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all the properties for which you need to share access. When you're done, click "Share Property(ies)" at the bottom to finalize the sharing process.

Return to the Benchmarking Dashboard and ensure all of your properties and their meters are visible on the dashboard. You may have to click "sync with portfolio manager" in order to sync your newly shared properties. You may have to preform additional steps such as correcting addresses and selecting primary meters. Once you have resolved all of the issues at the top of the page (if there are any) you will be contacted by Fort Collins staff with additional instructions if neccessary.


We're happy to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. To submit a support request, use the button below or email